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This example scene is in the 2018 content - 6DoF_Van.

Load the 6DoF_Van scene and hit play. Watch as the van bumps over the terrain (it doesn’t really, there are Noisy Channel modifiers on Y and P), but notice the camera bobbing around on top. LightWave's Bullet dynamics are not restricted to objects, you can apply constraints to other scene items. Particular things to note:


  1. The van was given a simple path to follow, Align to Path was used on the Motion Options panel, and then the car set to Kinematic in Bullet.

  2. The constraint was made by making the Camera a Rigid Body for Bullet and its 1 m box was reduced in size on the Transform tab to not take up so much room on screen. The car object was selected and then while holding Shift, the Camera was selected again and the 6 DoF constraint was chosen.
  3. The constraint was set up with a small amount of movement on X, Y and Z; H, P and B. To dampen the movement, if desired, motors can be used. Our scene’s camera has a mass of 1000 kg/unit so start your Linear Motor forces around there. There is no need to add a Target Motor Speed. The same can be applied on the Rotation Motors.