LightWave 2018

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We set up a simple scene. The cube goes from back left to front right and the tetrahedron goes from back right to front middle then middle left. We have a little golden ball that will be parented to first the cube, then the tetrahedron and finally the ground plane.

01 We attach Dynamic Parenter to our golden ball through the ball’s Motion Options panel and open its interface, just so we can see. We won’t need to use this window to create our parenting though. 02 A circle appears on our ball when we add Parenter. We advance the frame slider to frame 54 to start our dynamic parenting.

03 At frame 54, dragging the circle over the red cube shows us the cube’s name, so we know we have the right object and 04 letting go of the LMB “straps” the ball to the cube.

05 We advance the frame slider to 74 and decide this would be a good spot to swap our ball to the tetrahedron. Still with the golden ball selected and the circle visible, we drag it from the cube over the tetrahedron until we see the name appear (06).

07 Letting go of the LMB when the tetrahedron’s name is showing gives us the solid link between ball and tetrahedron, and the ball starts following it instead of the cube. 08 As we move the frame to 99 we decide we want to stop the ball from moving, so one way is to parent it to the unmoving floor.

09 Letting go of the LMB for a solid link with the floor, we let the animation play on until the end frame shown in 10.