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The OBJ tab contains options for importing and exporting OBJ file objects.

  • OBJ One Layer - imports the object as a single layer
  • OBJ One VMap - imports the object with a single vertex map (UV or otherwise)
  • OBJ Pivot at Center - creates the pivot of the object at the center of the object
  • OBJ Write Normals - writes the normals associated with the object when saved
  • OBJ Merge Points - merges points sharing the same space
  • OBJ Reverse Ka & Kd - reverses the Color and Diffuse channels for better compatibility with Maya
  • OBJ Double Sided - polygons are marked double-sided in the OBJ
  • OBJ Parts - For improved compatibility with Maya
  • OBJ Continuous UV - Option to force continuous UVs. Previous versions were always discontinuous.
  • OBJ Import Scale - sets the scale of an object when it is imported
  • OBJ Export Scale - sets the scale of the object when it is exported