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Here you can set default paths for LightWave to use, including network paths if you are using LightWave in a team with a centralized Content Directory. It also supports the use of non-standard content directory folders to better fit with other software in a pipeline if necessary.

Preset Location List

New to LightWave 2018 is the Preset Location List. This replaces the single Custom Preset location so that you can define multiple preset locations.

A custom location can be marked as Read Only, this means that presets cannot be created or removed from this location. For instance a team might have a set of shared presets residing on a network share, marking the location as Read Only would prevent a team member from making changes to those shared presets.

The Preset Shelf's Add New Preset right-click menu entry will attempt to create a new preset for the current Preset Shelf client, this new preset will be created in the currently viewed location and folder. This option is only active if the location can be written to. Read Only locations are denoted will a lock icon in the locations popup.

When creating a preset from somewhere other than the Preset Shelf's Add New Preset entry, for instance from the Surface Editor's Preset popup menu, then the Default Save Location in the Preset Location List marks the custom location as the one to use when saving a new preset.


With Auto-Detect enabled, when you open a scene, Layout will attempt to automatically detect the paths for items in a scene.

Use custom paths

With custom paths enabled, you can specify a separate path for each category. This needs to be ticked before you can access each of the Scenes, Hierarchies, Objects, etc. buttons below.

Content Directory