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Master Plugins are often parts of a plugin that are not useful for the user to interact with, behind the scenes components. Sometimes they are vital for working with scene-level actions. For instance, the Scene / Dope Editor is a Master plugin. Here is a list of all Master Plugins and their use:

  • AnchorChain - Component of the Anchor Object Motion Modifier plugin. Usually, you will not need to interact with the Master component, except if there is a problem with the calculations that Anchor needs to make.
  • AnimationTakes - Non-functional (for the moment)
  • Camera Selector / CameraSelector - Master Plugins for selecting a scene camera on a specific frame. There are two Master Plugins with similar names, Camera Selector and CameraSelector. Camera Selector has a slightly nicer interface but doesn't work with network rendering. CameraSelector works with network rendering, but doesn't have a Clear button. Both operate in exactly the same way - use the timeline to go to a specific frame, with a specific camera and click the Add button in the Camera Selector plugin chosen. If you wish to remove a Camera from the list, click Delete. Click Clear in Camera Selector (labeled as Universal Camera Selector in the Master Plugins window) to completely clear a list of cameras.
  • FFDummy - FiberFX dummy plugin - cannot be used.
  • FiberFX - Master Plugin for FiberFX. It is this that opens the main FiberFX window for editing fibers.
  • Flock Master - Double-clicking on this Master Plugin will open the main window for Flocking.
  • FX_Master - Master plugin for FX dynamics, not user useful
  • gizmo_test - LScript test script to aid in third party script development
  • Item Picker - Presents a window that can contain a list of scene items to choose from, regardless of type (Object, Bone, Light, Camera). Useful if you have a few regularly picked items in a scene full of items all overlapping each other
  • LScript - Choose an LScript from a file requester
  • LScript Commander - The plugin that can also be called from the Utilities tab
  • LScript/RT - Choose a compiled LScript to run
  • lw_macrorecorder - This tool will monitor the stream of Command Sequence events that take place in Layout, and will generate a v2.0 Generic LScript file that will reproduce the sequence of commands, including their timings.
  • Master Channel - The Master Channel tool lets you create a user-defined channel, which will appear in the Scene list of the Graph Editor under the entry MC. You can keyframe the channel and use it as you would any channel. To create the master channel, add the plugin and enter a name into the Channel Name field of its options dialog. The Type setting determines the units of measure for the channel. You can add the plugin more than once to create multiple master channels.
  • Motion Mixer - The plugin for MotionMixer
  • ProxyPick - Allows for dummy objects to act as stand-ins for objects in a scene that are difficult to select normally, perhaps because they are obscured by other geometry or scene elements
  • Python - Loads a Python script
  • Python Command Port / Gizmo / Master / Ring / Shelf TxtrEd Test - Example Python scripts to aid in the development of your own
  • Render-Q -The master plugin for the render queue
  • Scene Editor -The Master plugin for the Scene / Dope Editor
  • SE Item Selector - Adds just the item selector from the Scene / Dope Editor
  • Window Configure - An experimental way of setting a workspace with Layout windows with set positions
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