LightWave 2018

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New to 2018 is a Modifier stack of ways to affect an object. The system in LightWave previously was rigidly defined and sometimes awkward. Now, you can adjust the order of your modifiers simply by dragging them up and down the list. To edit a specific Deformer, double click on its entry. Deformers can also be switched on and off individually by clicking in the On column. At the start of the modifier list are the "standard" modifiers that are usually available by default:

If multiple objects are selected, the modifier stack will now show all selected objects. Holding Alt when clicking on an item in the modifier list will select similar items in all selected objects and they can all be moved in the list at the same time.

The circle indicates when Alt is being held down

In addition to the six built-in object modifiers there is a large selection of other modifiers listed here:

Add Object Modifier