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When running LightWave on a Macintosh, there is a Special menu in the titlebar. This menu enables Mac-specific features.

⌘ Mimics Control Modifier

On by default. With this option on, the command key (⌘) can be used instead of the Ctrl key for Ctrl key shortcuts, like Ctrl-L for Limited Region. Be aware there can be a conflict when ⌘Fn Mimics Fn is also on for Ctrl-Fn key shortcuts, like Ctrl F5 for the Effects window.

⌘ 'help' Mimics 'insert'

On by default. The Insert key on a Windows keyboard pauses playback of a scene, but a Macintosh keyboard doesn't always have one. This entry enables the Macintosh Help key to replace the Insert key.

⌘ Fn Mimics Fn

On by default. On some Macintoshes, hitting the Function key uses a system-wide utility like raising or lowering volume. Using this entry enables direct function key use for shortcuts, like F5 for the Surface Editor.

Opaque Popup Menus

On by default. When off, popup menus and dropdown lists have a slightly transparent feel.

Opaque Utility Windows

Off by default. When enabled LightWave panels that cover any portion of the main window will become semi-transparent during mouse manipulations within the main window.  This helps with viewport manipulations without moving the obscuring panels.

Scroll Wheel Mimics Option-Mouse

Off by default. This allows a mouse bi-directional scroll wheel/ball to manipulate viewports as if holding the option key while click-dragging the mouse pointer.  This aids in viewport navigation.

Allow OpenGL Stereo

Off by default. Some Macs have display adapters that are capable of Stereo OpenGL (quad buffers).  Enabling this feature on display adapters that do not support it can be risky; so this feature is disabled by default.  A restart of LW is required when changing this setting.

Full Screen

Off by default. LightWave fills the screen completely, including the menu bar, and the mouse needs to be moved to the top of the screen to see it.

Allow Hi-Res OpenGL

Off by default. To test HiDPI previews for LightWave requires having this option checked. Layout must be restarted after changing this setting.