LightWave 2018

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Rendering and Compositing

A render is the image created by what the camera sees. A composite is a blending of two or more image layers. This chapter covers the details of creating the final image, sequence of images, video, and, any post-rendering effects you might add to the image.

In addition to pressing F9 or F10 for final renders, you can create images using LightWave’s VPR system that uses your OpenGL viewport to perform a full render of your image. Obviously, if you require a single image larger than your screen resolution, an image with a lot of post-processing or a sequence of images, then you will need to use the F9 and F10 shortcuts, but for a rapid full-quality render VPR is ideal. There are additional benefits to using VPR, for instance you can render any view, not just the camera; you can select surfaces directly from the screen simply by Shift-clicking on the rendering image; optionally see and move your scene items; quick save images directly from the screen and more. Additionally, you can create a high-quality preview of your animation.