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Organizing your Scenes

Taking on a CG project can be a challenge, whether it is a simple scene with one object, one light, and one camera, or a complex scene with hundreds of objects, bones,surfaces, dynamics and everything else in-between. Keeping it all organized is key to a successful project and this section of the documentation is all about the tools you can apply to keep your scenes manageable.

Starting with the basics of loading and saving items in a scene, the chapter then progresses from management tools like the List Manager onto more complex tools such as the Scene Editor and Graph Editor.

File Menu Section

Layout’s File menu section contains common file management commands and tools.

Editors Section

Scene / Dope Editor

Surface Editor


Image Editor

Graph Editor


Items Tab

The Items tab is where you will load or add objects, lights and cameras to your scene. You will also find tools for replacing, renaming, selecting and delete scene items.

Graph Editor

LightWave's graph editor is a graphical way of manipulating scene items over time

Scene / Dope Editor

Full explanation of LightWave's Scene Editor and Classic Scene Editor