New to 2019.1

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A lot has changed in LightWave. Here is a curated list in alphabetical order with links to pages that describe the features:

Pages describing features new to LightWave 2019.1 have the label New and the badge above

Cel Shading Improvements

Surfaces will now react correctly to light color.

FBX Improvements

Transfer only animations, Drag-and-drop within the interface, Support principled material (not just standard) on import

Hide all OpenGL non-renderable elements and gizmos

Simple toggle to clear all non-renderable items from the viewport for better scene visibility

Workflow improvements to the Layers panel in Modeler

Freezing, Swapping and Moving all come to the 2019.1 Layers panel

New Navigation options

Layout and Modeler have new navigation tools

Node Editor - RGBA/XYZ splitter node/improvements

Individual RGB channels added as outputs on Image nodes

NRC Improvements

You can now attach render nodes to your farm from other machines in your network, and LightWave Scene files can now be dragged-and-dropped into the NRC window

OpenVDB Improvements

Add particle system output to mesh to volume node based on the mesh vertices and add collision velocity to solvers

Physical Sky Enhancements

An update has been made to the Physical Sky background shader

Add Progress indicator to VPR

See how fast your renders are going

LightWave Python Updates

Python updated and new PCore console added

Workflow Improvements: 'Reset Configs'

Refresh the configs without losing your custom menus and keyboard shortcuts

Workflow Improvements: Separate Menu and Key Configs

New config files for menu and keyboard shortcut customizations

Workflow Improvements: Tree Pane

Several improvements made to the Tree Pane element of the LightWave UI

Unreal Bridge Improvements

Images courtesy Ryan Roye

Improved interchange performance.

Vertex Maps panel improvements

Delete multiple maps at once, filter maps and select by map