Transition Glossary

For people coming from previous versions of LightWave some of the terminology used can seem strange. All that is occurring is that LightWave is aligning with industry-standard vocabulary.

  • Emission - Luminosity
  • Transmission - Transparency
  • Specularity - is actually Specular Reflection. It replaces the previous Reflection model
  • Sheen - A glancing like shiny fabric
  • Scattering - is the color of the surface when light shines on it. Scattering light can penetrate inside a volume, losing strength as it goes in
  • Absorption - is when light shines through a surface and some is absorbed and doesn't come out again, you only see the color that's NOT absorbed, the color complementary to the one you chose
  • Deformed Coordinates - World Coordinates
  • Object UV - A UV map that has been automatically created, for Primitive Shapes for example
  • Default UV - A UV map denoted by a bullet point in the name that is designated as a default in the case of several UV maps. It can be used with the Object UV input
  • Level Set - Volumetric version of a mesh object