Workflow Improvements: 'Reset Configs'

In combination with Workflow improvements: Separate Menu and Key Configs, the Reset Configs plugin will allow you clear out LightWave configuration files without losing menu customizations or user-created keyboard shortcuts. There's no visual feedback for this config destruction, and because LightWave usually writes to its config files only when you quit the only way to tell is by closing LightWave and restarting it.

The Reset Configs command can be found by hitting Ctrl-Space to get the list of all commands but it can be added as a menu item, if you so desire. This command works by deleting the LW2019.1-64.CFG file when in Layout, and the LWM2019.1-64.CFG file when in Modeler in Windows, and the Layout 2019.1 and Modeler 2019.1 files in their MacOS version. Because keyboard shortcuts and menu customizations are now stored in their own config files these will not be lost when resetting.