Workflow Improvements: Tree Pane

There have been some modifications made to LightWave's Tree Pane control. A Tree Pane looks like the list of names in the Scene Editor above, Modifiers or even the details of the Keyboard Shortcuts editor. New tools include:

Column resizing

In the image above, you see we have an item with a long name. Previously, the standard Scene Editor had columns whose widths could only be changed by resizing the complete window, not always very convenient. Now, when the horizontal slider is at the right extent, a gray vertical line will appear at the edge of the Item column that can be dragged left and right to increase or decrease the amount of column visible.

Drag and Drop Improvement

With long file names, it can be a problem if you need to parent in the Scene Editor. Now, the list flips to a view of the start of the column as you are adjusting.

Drag and drop over

The Keyboard Shortcut editor used to require that a name should be dragged above the target entry to assign it. Now, dragging over the entry suffices.