The Logo tool (Create > Text > Logo) generates 3D text. Before using this utility, you must have at least one font loaded into Modeler.

The Logo Maker Panel is straightforward.

In the Logo Text field, you enter the word or phrase that you want extruded. Multiple lines of text are not supported. (Multiple lines of text can be created with the Make Text or Multi Text tools.) ASCII characters may be entered by pressing the Alt key and the four-digit ASCII code. ASCII characters may not display properly in the Logo Text field, however they will be properly generated in the final object.

The Logo tool will create your text object in Modeler’s Back Viewport and extrude it along the positive Z axis. The Extrusion Depth setting determines the size of the extrusion.

You choose the typeface in the Select Font popup list. Remember that only fonts that have been loaded with the Edit Fonts tool will be displayed in this menu.

If you use a Dingbat font with the Logo tool, you can quickly generate 3D arrows, starbursts, and other common design elements.