Genoma 2

Genoma 2

The Genoma 2 RDK (Rigging Development Kit) is a system for advanced users who already know how to rig in LightWave, but want more control and speed for the whole range of rigging needs, from simple to complex.

New to Genoma 2 over the previous iteration are:

  • Full customization for any rig or rig part
  • No need for Connector Rig elements
  • Animation is now preserved when making changes.

The components of Genoma 2 will be described in this documentation, but for full workflow you will need to watch the Genoma 2 workflow videos on if these descriptions don’t suffice.

If you need to use more than one character in your scene and you want to use the Genoma2 biped presets (which uses Math Expressions) you'll need to follow the following steps:

  1. Create your rig (the name of the mesh will be automatically used to give unique names to the math expressions).
  2. Launch the included generic LScript that simply renames the proper controls using the object name as prefix.
  3. Save the scene, since at that point the item names used in the expressions will be automatically updated.

Repeat the operations with another character using of course a different name for the mesh.

This is an operation you should perform once the rig is final.


LightWave 2019 includes a new Genoma 2 rig used for Japanese TV animation, created by Koutarou SHISHIDO for IKIF+ Studio.

Your geometry will need to have appropriate weight maps (head, arms, legs, etc.) for this rig to work

This rig is designed to be fluid and simple to use, with no need to have a clunky switch between IK and FK. The rig is also compatible with Motion Mixer. Several weight maps are already assigned to this rig by default.

To erase these, in Modeler:

  1. Use the Statistics panel (W) to select all skelegons;
  2. Use Setup > Genoma Edit/Set > Skelegon Weight Map;
  3. In the panel that opens, delete the weight map name and click OK. This will delete all weight map associations for the skelegons.

To set your own weight maps to this Genoma 2 rig:

  1. Select the skelegon(s) you wish to add weight maps to;
  2. Setup > Genoma Edit/Set > Skelegon Weight Map.

The use of the similarly-named Set Skelegon Weight in Setup > Skelegons/More > Set Skelegon Weight is discouraged.

You can save over the supplied IKIF+ rig if you don't wish to have to repeat the weight map removal each time you use this rig. It would be more prudent if you just saved your own version of the rig to the same folder and then re-used it from that. To do so, save an object with only the modified rig in it to:

<Your LightWave installation>\support\genoma\rigs\Complex_Rigs\G2_Bipeds