Genoma 2 Properties

To access the Genoma 2 Properties panel from a new launch of Modeler:

  1. Make a skelegon;
  2. Use Default Tags from the Set… dropdown menu on the Setup tab;
  3. Now you will be able to use the Genoma Preferences

You will have access to eight different tabs.

The options in the upper and common part of the tabs allows the user to rename the current item, to assign a Parent, a Target, a Pole or a Spline control.

If Parent is set to CURRENT, the item will respect the current skelegon hierarchy defined in Modeler (skelegons merged vertices).Parent can also be set to MASTER if we want the item to be parented to the master null automatically generated by Genoma.

If we want no control to be assigned in Layout, we need to set the controller name (Target, Pole and/or Spline) to NONE (which is the default status).

CURRENT, current, Current, MASTER, master, Master, NONE, none, None can all be used. Leaving the field blank will also set the controller name to NONE.

Item tab

  • Item Type - You can decide if the Genoma item will be a Bone, a Null or a Joint once the rig is created/updated in Layout.
  • Leave Modeler Shape Intact - When off, the Skelegon Shape will automatically be assigned when the Genoma Properties Panel is closed (according to the Item Type setting defined).

    If we want to keep the current Skelegon shape (we can define the Skelegon shape using the SetAppearance tool) we need to set this option On.
  • Item Color - Sets a Layout item color.
  • Visible - Sets Layout item visibility on or off.
  • Locked - Sets Layout item lock state on or off.
  • Record Pivot Rotation - When checked, it make so the item initial rotation values will be set to 0,0,0 (Record Pivot Rotation will be used on the item).
  • Record Pivot Position - When checked, it sets the item current position as the Reset Position
  • Active Gizmo Channels - User can enable/disable animation gizmos for the item. This is something very important to do since items not working as animation controllers should have all Gizmo channels set to off. Rotation only controllers should have HPB on and XYZ/SXSYSZ off.

    Is it very important to activate the proper gizmos on the controller, since doing so Genoma2 will recognize them as such and correctly store the animation of any controller in the scene, so it can be applied again when Update Rig is used.

Shape Tab

From this tab is possible to define any ItemShape attribute, as long as the Genoma Item Type is set to “Null”.

  • Item Shape - Shape can be either Standard, Box, Ball, Pyramid, Diamond, Tetra, Ring, Grid, or None.

    If Leave Modeler Shape Intact is set to off, then the Skelegon Shape will be updated to the selected shape.
  • Axis - Let the user define the itemshape axis.
  • Filled - Defines if the shape should be filled or not. Notice some shapes (like Ball) can’t be “filled”.
  • Xray - Defines if the item shape should be always visible, eben when “hidden” inside an object geometry.
  • Label - Defines a text label for the itemshape/control.
  • Justification - Defines the text justification.
  • Draw Line To - Draws a graphic line between the current Genoma item and any other item specifying its name.
  • Selected Color - Defines the color of the Item while is selected.
  • Unselected Color - Defines the color of the Item while is not selected.
  • Text Color - Defines the color of the Text Label.

Bone Tab

From this tab is possible to set all the option normally found in the Layout Bone Panel.

The Weight map is assigned using the Set Skelegon Weight Map command.

  • Bone Active - Defines if a Bone should be set to Active (influencing mesh deformation) or not.
  • Maya Style Joints - Makes a Bone look like a Maya Joint (it only affects its shape).
  • Rest Length - Defines the Rest Length of a bone. When set to CURRENT (or current or Current) the rest length will match the one of the Skelegon.

    Is it possible to specify a multiplier so the Rest Length will be set to the Current Skelegon Rest Length * Multiplier.

    For example if we want the Rest of the bone in Layout to be set to half the Rest of the Current Skelegon Rest Length, we’ll specify 0.5.

    This also works as a multiplier for any ItemShape size.
  • Weight Map Only - Sets Weight Map Only on or off.
  • Weight Normalization - Sets Weight Normalization on or off.
  • Strength - Sets the Bone Strength.
  • Multiply By Rest Length - Sets Multiply By Rest Length on or off.
  • Limited Range - Sets Limited Range on or off.
  • Min/Max - Sets the Limited Range Min/Max limits.
  • Joint Compensation - Set Joint Compensation on or off.
  • Joint Compensation For Parent - Set Joint Compensation For Parent on or off.
  • Muscle Flexing - Set Muscle Flexing on or off.
  • Parental Muscle Flexing - Set Parental Muscle Flexing on or off.
  • Muscle Bulge - Set Muscle Bulge on or off.
  • Parental Muscle Bulge - Set Parental Muscle Bulgeon or off.
  • Twist - Set Twist on or off. Only available for Joints.

IK Tab

This Tab presents the same IK options that can be found in Layout (IK and Modifiers).

  • Spline Fit - Sets the Spline Control Fit option.
  • Unaffected By IK - Sets Unaffected By IK option on or off.
  • Goal Object - Sets the IK Goal name.
  • Objective - Sets the Objective Type.
  • Initial IK State - Sets from which frame the IK should consider as initial state.
  • Frame - Sets the Frame for Initial IK State when Base On Frame is selected.
  • Chain - Defines the Chain option for IK/FK Blending.
  • IK/FK Blending - Defines the IKFK Blending value.
  • Goal Strength - Defines the Goal Strength for the IK.
  • Soft IK Options (NoSoft IK, Chain Chord) - Defines the Soft IK type, and Chain options.
    • Min/Max - Define min/max percentage for Soft IK.
  • Match Goal Orientation - Sets the Match Goal Orientation on or off.
  • Keep Goal in Reach - Sets the Keep Goal in Reach option on or off.
  • Full-TIme IK - Sets the Full-TIme IK option on or off.

Pos/Rot/Sca Tabs

These 3 tabs are the exact reproduction of Layout Controllers and Limits panel. If you need to know how these options work, refer to “Controllers and Limits Tab” on page PDF_LINK.

Expression Tab

In Genoma2 we can create and assign Math Expressions to any Item’s channel.

All you need to do is to specify the expession name in the channel field you want to assign the Expression to.

First thing to do, is to create a Skelegon and use the Set Expression Tag command.

The Genoma Expression panel will open. Here it is possible to specify the Expression Name and the math expression.

After hitting ok, the panel will close and the Skelegon shape will change to a box with a E. That makes identifying expression skelegons easy.

To change the Expression name or the Math Expression, we can select the Expression Skelegon again and use Set Expression Tag.

When the expression will be created in Layout, the name of the current mesh will be added as a Prefix. That makes easy to have different characters sharing the same rig working correctly in the same scene.


Scripts Tab

Among the most advanced features of Genoma2, the Scripts Tab lets the user request the execution of an LScript, a Python script, or a Custom Genoma2 function.

  • LScript and Python - LScript and Python Scripts should be added to LightWave as plugins. Then all is needed is to specify the name of the scripts.

    If an item has the execution of a script (LScript or Python) assigned, the item will be selected and the script executed.

    Of course this requires scripting skills from the user. In complex pipelines, especially for production demanding a lot of characters to be rigged, user scripts can really play a very important role speeding up the whole process.
  • Custom - Custom scripts are Genoma2 internal procedures that can be called for each item.User can specify only one Custom Script per item.