Editing Help URL

By default, LightWave will launch an URL to the wiki based documentation located at https://docs.lightwave3d.com. This might not suit your studio's needs, so a redirection can be created by editing the resource files that deal with the documentation.

The HELP.resource will be used with or without the Hub running

Help is called by pressing F1 on the keyboard from Layout or Modeler.  The URL called can be made anything local or remote by editing support/l10n/HELP.resource. Users can also create their own local-level resources that will override the defaults found at the previous location by creating appropriate files in the user folder as shown:






/Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/NewTek/LightWave/2018.0/l10n/HELP.resource


/Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/NewTek/LightWave/2018.0/l10n/<language>/HELP.resource

To test, open the locale panel in Layout (with the "Locale" command). Then, choose the "Sync Resources" button, after ".resource" changes are made (without having to restart LightWave).