Example - Getting started with Deforming Bodies

As for our first example with Rigid Bodies, we’ll repeat but with Deforming Bodies. This requires a very small amount of additional setup, but with satisfying results.

  1. In common with the previous example, we need a floor for our deforming objects to fall on. Choose Modeler Tools > Create Geometry > Cube and set Width: 10 m, Height : 0.25 m, Depth: 10 m. Set the Surface to Floor.

  2. Now make an element to bounce off the floor by using Cube again but this time setting it to Width: .5 m, Height: .5 m, Depth: .5 m. The number of Segments should be set to X: 10, Y: 10, Z: 10, and the surface to Cube.

  3. In the FX Tools tab set the floor object to be a Static Body and the small cube to be a Deforming Body.
  4. Now we need to make three clones of our small cubes. Then move the four objects up in the Y and rotate them randomly to end up with something like this:

  5. Open FX Tools > Item Properties. Select the four deforming cubes and set their Collision Margin to 10 mm and Shape Retention to 50 %.

  6. Give the four cubes different Shape Retention settings. 100 % will not deform the object at all, but setting it lower will give increasing amounts of deformation.