LightWave Python Updates

The Python installed with LightWave 2019.1 is now v2.7.16 and the PCore Console has been upgraded to Mark II. New features include:

  • Save and copy buttons no longer needed
  • Log output is now text; not multiple, separate list entries
  • The window is split in two, with log output and command input sections. The division between the two can be moved as needed and can be maximized in one direction or the other
  • The command input area is deigned to emulate the python CLI, including syntax highlighting, and command recall that is retained between sessions up to the maximum prompt recalls
  • Recall search using Shift-Space
  • Command matching
  • Fully customizable
  • Primary and secondary prompts, even Bash-style
  • The Prompt area has two modes:

    • Command Prompt: default, immediately evaluates each command when entered

    • Editor mode: enter as many commands as you wish; evaluates on return to Command mode

  • Custom key bindings can be set, retrieved and inline documentation is provided