Vertex maps panel improvements

Modeler 2019.1 has several new features in the Vertex Maps panel. First, there is now a filter field at the top of the pane to allow name filtering and even Regex use for tracking down a specific vertex map.

The second new option is added right click functionality. Whether you are in Point, Edge or Polygon mode, right-clicking on a vertex map in the panel presents a new option - Select by Map . Choosing this will select all the points, edges or polygons that are in the map, whatever their value.

The third new option is the ability to delete multiple VMaps at a time. Much like LightWave working exclusively with points or edges or polygons in Modeler, or Objects or Lights or Camera in Layout, you cannot delete multiple VMaps of different types at the same time, but deleting multiple UV maps, or Vertex Color maps or Weight maps is now possible.