Workflow improvements to the Modeler Layers panel

The Layers panel has received various updates in 2019.1, including making the List or Hierarchy choice more permanent between sessions, and making the rename window resizable.

Freezing layers

Right-clicking on a layer will turn its icon cyan and will lock it as selected whatever other layers you click for foreground or background. If you move the layer the frozen checkmark will follow. To unfreeze a layer, right click it again.

Moving and Exchanging Layers

In List mode, if you select a layer and move it up or down there are two kinds of lines that indicate where you are. A line will show where the layer you have chosen will be inserted. If you have box around the layer it will be exchanged with the layer you have selected. The names of the layers will follow the layers. In Hierarchy mode, the line has no effect while the box will parent a layer.

Layout Visibility

Click where the cursor is to highlight layers to send to Layout

Clicking in the empty square above the Eyeball column in the Layers panel will highlight all layers that will get sent to Layout (Reminder: Unchecking a layer in this column will not send it to Layout, useful for layers that are only intended as work layers rather than final geometry).

These actions for Layers have no undos.