SunLight (Hosek-Wilkie)

This light is based on papers written by Lukas Hosek and Alexander Wilkie, the current best approximation of atmospheric light scattering. As such, it is a Distant-type light whose position is irrelevant but whose rotation is all-important. It can be used with the Sun Spot motion Modifier for accurate positioning around the Earth, given a specific location, time and date.

  • Surface Albedo - Reflectance color from the planet. The default value of blue has been set because our planet is mostly water
  • Turbidity - The reduction in the transparency of air because of scattering of light by dust and smoke particles and water droplets. Increase the turbidity to make the atmosphere denser - more hazy. Great for recreating LA sunsets
  • Scattering - The scattered color of the sky itself
  • Max Luminance - Function added for tone mapping the final result. This will tone down the brightness value of a star to better match the rest of the scene
  • Temperature - The temperature in Kelvin of the sun's surface
  • Size - The default size of 5.0 is designed to replicate our sun
  • Samples - How many samples to use for this light
  • Volumetric Distance - the distance the volumetric effect reaches from the ray