Layout OBJ Options

The OBJ tab contains options for importing and exporting OBJ file objects.

  1. OBJ One Layer - imports the object as a single layer
  2. OBJ One VMap - imports the object with a single vertex map
  3. OBJ Pivot at Center - creates the pivot of the object at the center of the object
  4. OBJ Write Normals - writes the normals associated with the object when saved
  5. OBJ Merge Points - merges points sharing the same space
  6. OBJ Reverse Ka & Kd - Reverses Ambient Occlusion and Diffuse channels
  7. OBJ Double Sided - Creates double-sided geometry
  8. OBJ Parts - Keeps LightWave Part Polygon tags
  9. OBJ Foreground Layers - Only saves layers marked as foreground to OBJ
  10. OBJ Continuous UV - UVs have shared points rather than duplicated
  11. OBJ Smoothing Groups - Supports the new Smoothing Groups system
  12. OBJ Remove Hidden - Polygons that are hidden will not be exported (Hiding layers does not have any effect)
  13. OBJ Import Scale - sets the scale of an object when it is imported
  14. OBJ Export Scale - sets the scale of the object when it is exported

Modeler can create vertex normal maps by exporting an object in OBJ format with smoothing groups unchecked here.