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Select Loop

Next / Prev Loop


Select Connected

Expand Selection

Contract Selection

Select by Normal

Invert Selection

Invert Connected

Convert To

The Convert To commands take an existing point, edge or polygon selection and convert it to the format chosen.

Switch Selection

Is like Convert To, but without having to make a choice - a point selection becomes an edge selection becomes a polygon selection becomes a point selection.

Outline Points

Takes a point selection and only leaves the points on the outside edge of the selection selected.

Outline Edges

Takes a polygon selection and only leaves the outer line of edges selected.

Open Edges

Looks for holes in manifold meshes and selects the edges surrounding them. Holes can be patched by converting the selection to points and hitting P, but in situations like the L-shaped hole, a single polygon will be created where perhaps three quads would be better.

Same Surface

With an initial polygon selection, using this tool will select any polygons belonging to the same surface(s).

Same Part

Similar to Same Surface above, Same Part takes an initial selection and expands to all polygons in the same Parts group(s).

Pick Surface

Changes the pointer to show the current surface you are hovering over. Clicking the LMB will open the Surface Editor with the selected surface active.

Select Surfaces

This window will let you select polygon groups belonging to one or more surfaces. You can match multiple surfaces to select the polygons belonging to them as the animation shows.

Select Nth Pattern

Opens a window permitting selection mathematically. The default setting will select every third polygon in a row, then jump to the next row.

By Vertex Map Value

Drop/Rest Sel

(default keyboard shortcut: /)

Is the same as the tool on the bottom and drop the current element selection.