Working with the Node Editor Viewport

Working with the Node Editor is similar to using a normal LightWave viewport but there are some differences.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Rename - R
  • Select All - A
  • Invert Selection - Shift I
  • Clear Selection - D
  • Fit All - Shift F
  • Fit Selected - F
  • Disconnect Inputs - Shift D
  • Collapse Node - Shift C
  • Expand Node - Shift E


You can use the standard Alt key and mouse to pan the Node Editor window around, and Ctrl+Alt to change magnification

Adding Nodes

There are several ways of adding nodes to a network:

  1.  The most obvious way is to select from this list
  2. This is a search field. Typing in here will update the node list live - to find the Principled BDSF material you only need to type "pr" before it is the only node available
  3. The Add Node dropdown contains the complete list of nodes
  4. Holding Ctrl and clicking the RMB will present a list of all nodes, like 3

For both 3 and 4, typing immediately filters the node list. It's not a find, meaning you will need to start to type the group name - c, right cursor, s will find the Scalar constant