Analysis node

This node presents various grid manipulations. Depending on the input grid type and the operation the output grid type will vary. Once an input is connected and the grid type is known the list of available operations will be collapsed to only show appropriate choices. Finally, if you change the operation the grid output will disconnect (ie scalar to vector).

  • Gradient - Vector that points perpendicular to the values basically un-normalized normals (Scalar - Vector)
  • Curvature - A measure of the surface curvature (Scalar - Scalar)
  • Laplacian - A smoothed version of the input (Scalar - Scalar)
  • Closest Point Transform - Direction to the closest point (Scalar - Vector)
  • Divergence - A measure of the change in quantities (Vector - Scalar)
  • Curl - A direction perpendicular to the input grid vectors (Vector - Vector)
  • Magnitude - The scale of the input vectors (Vector - Scalar)
  • Normalize - Normalized input vectors (Vector - Vector)

 There is also a Scale input for further adjustment.