VectorGrid Split and Merge

New to LightWave 2020 is a pair of nodes to split level sets into three separate dimensions for further manipulation. The Vector Split node takes an incoming OpenVDB grid and splits it into X, Y and Z channels. There is no options panel.

The Vector Merge node will create a vector-valued VDB volume using the values of corresponding voxels from up to three scalar VDBs as the vector components. The scalar VDBs must have the same voxel size and transform; if they do not, use the Resample node to resample two of the VDBs to match the third.

This node offers the following types of operation:

  • Tuple - No transformation
  • Gradient - Inverse-transpose transformation, ignoring translation
  • Unit Normal - Inverse-transpose transformation, ignoring translation but with renormalization
  • Displacement - Transformation, ignoring translation
  • Position - Transformation with translation
  • Copy Inactive Values - If enabled, merge the values of both active and inactive voxels. If disabled, merge the values of active voxels only, treating inactive voxels as active background voxels wherever corresponding input voxels have different active states