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Part of preparing a scene is the rigging process. Rigging a character, or any other object, involves setting up a system of interactions, in many cases using bones and applying the rules and limitations to those bones. There is no one way to prepare a rig, so your rig may have different rules from someone else and still achieve the same goal.

A number of tools can be applied to a rig, including all of the tools in the Setup Tab. Additional functions are available in the Motion Options Panel, where you can apply Inverse Kinematics and other rules for motion, and IK Booster, which can be used to augment normal IK, as a separate IK system, and even have dynamics applied to your rig. You can also Export and Import your rig data for use in other models.

Genoma 2

LightWave 2015 introduced a completely revised version of Genoma, turning what was a relatively simple rigging tool into more of a rigging development kit. Since a lot of Genoma’s work is performed in Modeler, the main documentation for both Genoma 1 and Genoma 2 is in the Modeler section of the wiki: Genoma.

Bone Properties

Setup Tab

There are several groups of functions contained within the Setup Tab, as follows: