Layout Help Menu

The Help menu (located in the upper left-hand side of the interface) gives you easy access to documentation, NewTek’s website, and LightWave 3D’s about box.

  • Web Based Help - Choosing Web Based Help will take you to this LightWave wiki (Default keyboard shortcut F1)
  • Submit a Bug Report / Submit a Feature Request - both of these entries will open the LightWave Feedback Agent

  • Enter License - Opens a window showing where a License.lwk file should be placed to license your copy of LightWave

  • About OpenGL... - Shows settings and capabilities for your video card

  • About LightWave 3D... - Choosing About LightWave 3D will display Layout's about box with information about the development team, as well as the Build number.

  • Check for Updates - Will check the website for updates to LightWave and present information: