Reduce - More

This group contain tools that are no longer so required, but could still prove useful in the right circumstances.

Collapse Polygons

The Collapse Polygons command (Construct > Remove > More... > Collapse Polygons) replaces selected polygons with a single point at their average position. It is like moving all of the points for the selected polygons to their center and then merging the points.


The Bandglue command (Construct > Remove > Bandglue) merges a contiguous row of four-point polygons into one polygon. This is a great tool to use to clean up extra rows of geometry. Bandglue is the opposite of Bandsaw.

BandGlue respects Symmetry and can glue multiple polygon islands. The animation below shows both in action.

You can Bandglue polygons on multiple layers at once and the joins will be made on the same layer(s) as the original polygons.

To use, first select a contiguous row of (two or more) polygons.

Then execute the command. Like Bandsaw, the operation continues all the way around the geometry until it returns to its point of origin, or hits a non-four-point polygon.