TriStrip ACTC

The Tri Strip ACTC command (Detail> Tri Strip ACTC) will count the number of Tri-Strips in an object and will create a Vertex Color Map. ACTC makes triangle strips and fans out of independent indexed triangles. These triangle strips and fans can improve graphics card geometry performance approaching 3x, or a 200% improvement.

ACTC is an abbreviation for Applied Conjecture Triangle Consolidator, more information about this method can be found at:

Tri-Strip Example:
Tri-strips are a common method to compress mesh data in a lossless way. They define an order of consecutive triangles, with each pair of adjacent triangles sharing a common edge.

The Strip count will appear in the info bar under the viewports or a requester that will pop up when the command is applied. Clicking OK will add the Vertex Color Map.

NOTE: Your object must consist of 3-point polygons in order to perform this operation.