VRML Support

VRML .wrl files can be saved from Layout or Modeler. VRML is important, not so much for its use on the web these days, but for color 3D printing. It is the only format that supports image-mapped polygons right now. The advantage to being able to save a VRML object from Layout is that said object can be posed and deformed by modifiers like IK in LightWave allowing you to set your model up comfortably. LightWave cannot currently load VRML files.

Please note that when exporting as STL, PLY or VRML only the current object layer is considered. None of these formats support multi-layered objects.

For objects formats supporting UV maps, these are not preserved in Export unless you follow these steps:

  1. Load the object
  2. Give it a UV texture map.;
  3. Hit F5 and open the Surface Editor and hit the T next to the Color channel. In the Texture Editor, leave the texture type as Image Map, select UV as Projection and the UV map you created. You do not need to load an image;
  4. Export as the object format of your choice and then reload the object. You will see that the UV texture map is preserved, albeit renamed..