Layers Panel

(default keyboard shortcut F7)

You can also use the Layers Browser window (Layers > Layers Panel) to do the following:

  • Access more than ten layers at a time
  • Set foreground/background state, even between objects
  • Navigate between objects
  • Name layers
  • Set layer visibility flag
  • Parent object layers

Layers panel has a pop-up menu that lets you switch between List and Hierarchy views.

The List view lists the layers. In the Hierarchy view, the layers of an object are shown in their parental relationship, and that can be altered by dragging and dropping layers. Layers cannot be moved between objects and all children at the same level are shown in numeric order.When in Hierarchy view, the layer list shows layers with nothing in them leftmost in the list, and lists two more than are currently being used. This makes it match list mode behavior more closely.

The Alt+no. (1 through 0) keyboard shortcut will place a layer into the background. Note that if only one layer is active, it cannot be placed into the background.

All of the currently loaded objects will be listed. Click on the white triangle to expand or contract the layer listing for a particular object. Layers in the foreground will have a checkmark in the corresponding F column. Clicking in the F column for a different layer will place that layer by itself in the foreground. To add to the current selection, hold the Shift key as you click. The B column works similarly on background layers.

The Visibility flag can be toggled on/off for each layer by clicking in the column. A layer is invisible to Layout when the (Visibility flag) dot does not appear. You may want to use this on scratch layers and cutting objects used for booleans. This setting has no effect on Modeler.

A pair of empty layers are always listed after the last occupied layer.

Double-click on a layer name (unnamed by default) or choose Layers > Layers > Layer Settings to bring up the dialog to set the layer name and parent.

The Layers panel has received various updates in 2019.1, including making the List or Hierarchy choice more permanent between sessions, and making the rename window resizable.

Freezing layers

Right-clicking on a layer will turn its icon cyan and will lock it as selected whatever other layers you click for foreground or background. If you move the layer the frozen checkmark will follow. To unfreeze a layer, right click it again.

Moving and Exchanging Layers

In List mode, if you select a layer and move it up or down there are two kinds of lines that indicate where you are. A line will show where the layer you have chosen will be inserted. If you have box around the layer it will be exchanged with the layer you have selected. The names of the layers will follow the layers. In Hierarchy mode, the line has no effect while the box will parent a layer.

Layout Visibility

Click where the cursor is to highlight layers to send to Layout

Clicking in the empty square above the Eyeball column in the Layers panel will highlight all layers that will get sent to Layout (Reminder: Unchecking a layer in this column will not send it to Layout, useful for layers that are only intended as work layers rather than final geometry).

These actions for Layers have no undos.