Dragnet Tool

(default keyboard shortcut ;)

The DragNet tool (Modify > DragNet) combines the Drag and Magnet tools. While you might use it somewhat interchangeably with Magnet, they operate quite differently. Magnet’s radial falloff influence area works independently from the actual use of the tool. With DragNet, the spherical range is always centerd around the initial point of dragging. Moreover, you must actually drag a point, although other points in the influence area will also move.

The influence area is defined by the Radius around the initial pointer position. You can graphically set this by dragging out a circle with your RMB.

To use the DragNet tool:Select Modify > DragNet, click and drag a point. Other points in the influence area will also move, though not as much.

The information display tells you the Offset value, that is, how far you dragged the mouse. If you set the influence area interactively with the RMB, the information display shows the Radius value.

DragNet can use Falloff Modes to adjust how points, edges or polygons are moved.