Extender Plus

(default keyboard shortcut E)

Extender Plus (Multiply > Extend > Extender Plus) clones selected points and creates new geometry connecting the original points and the clones. Essentially, Extender Plus is like using Smooth Shift with 0 Offset, except with points instead of polygons. Extender Plus is an updated version of Extender and works better in many areas.

Extender Plus works in both Point and Polygon modes.

Point Mode: Point Mode allows you to select an unordered group of points, automatically reordering the polygons it extends to face the proper normals. Furthermore, it detects when it should loop and when it shouldn’t, unlike Extender, which always loops.

Furthermore, it uses a simpler but more efficient algorithm of determining the normals of each edge’s connected polygon when creating each extended polygon as opposed to reordering the entire point selection as a whole. As a result, you don’t have to select the first two points in the proper clockwise order. The entire selection can be selected with a lasso without problems. The tool works particularly well with the Select Loop tool when used to select borders.

Extender Plus works in Symmetry Mode as well as SubPatch Mode, unlike Extender.

Poly Mode: In Poly Mode, Extender Plus performs a quick grouped polygon extrusion without providing an interactive interface. It can be a quick way to extrude while having an interactive transformation tool active such as Scale/Move tool as opposed to using Smooth Shift or Super Shift, dropping it, and then reactivating transformation tools.