LScript Group


LScript is a high-level wrapper for the LightWave plugin Application Programming Interface (API). It encapsulates the complex underpinnings of the API away from the plug- in developer, allowing them to concentrate more fully on the task to be accomplished. LScript also provides added features not available in the plugin API, making plugin development faster.

Because LScript has its roots in the C language, the transition between scripting and native-language (binary) plugin development is eased a great deal. Scripts written in LScript can often be ported into C with far less effort. This makes it possible to use LScript as a rapid prototyping tool for plugin development.

Nearly all of the LightWave plugin architectures have scripting capabilities through LScript. LScripts can be installed in the same way plugins are. The LScripts then become commands that can be added to menus or assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

LScript also provides a run-time system, allowing scripts to be compiled into an encrypted binary form that prevents modification or reverse engineering. Facilities for timed or counted execution are also provided by the run-time system.

Most important, LScript is a virtual machine system. Scripts written on one platform should work directly and immediately on any other platform supported by LightWave. This differs from traditional plugin development in that each platform must have its own compiler, and each plugin must be compiled and maintained on that platform. LScripts are platform-independent.

LScript/RT (Run Time)

Executes a compiled LScript.

The compiled LScript file format is (*.lsc).


This command will translate an un-compiled LScript to a Binary Compiled LScript.

Execute Command

This command will allow an LScript command to be typed into the field and executed.