Render Properties

(Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-P)

This is the heart of how you render your creation. In this window there are buttons, drop down menus and tabs to control how long your render will take, what format your individual frames or animation will be in.

Render Presets

At the top of the window is a dropdown for creating Render Presets. There are four options:

  • Load From Disk - Loads a preset previously saved to disk
  • Save To Disk - Saves a Preset to disk
  • Save To Preset Shelf - Saves the preset to LightWave's preset shelf
  • Open Preset Shelf - Opens LightWave's Preset Shelf

When you save to disk or shelf, requesters will open for choices of what to save:

Save to Disk

Save to Preset Shelf

You can save presets for only render properties, only GI properties or both.