Fresnel Functions

These fresnels are designed to work with shader components so that as roughness increases, the fresnel function is modified. The standard fresnel does not modify the shader.

  • Fresnel Conductor - The same effect as using a Conductor node
  • Fresnel Dielectric - The same effect as using a Dielectric node
  • Fresnel Iridescent - A perfect way to create iridescent effects. Change the quantity of Iridescence to 100 % to start with and just adjust the Thickness to see the colored effect. You won't need to adjust the Wavelength settings or Refraction Index normally, they are there for added control.
  • Fresnel Multiply - Multiplies two Fresnel functions together for further control
  • Fresnel Schlick - Schlick's approximation is a fast way of creating a fresnel effects that eschews physical correctness for speed and artistic control