Material Tools

Material Tools are nodes that help mix two or more Materials together. They all take Materials as inputs.

  • Material MixerGives you two inputs to blend materials with an Alpha to decide between them.
  • Mesh Element SwitchThis Material Tool node allows you to shade individual parts of your objects. Where the Edges for objects allowed simple color and texture settings, this node will allow full material use for parts of an object.
  • Multi SwitchThis node can add as many Material inputs as you like and switch between them using an integer switch (you can also use a scalar).
  • Ray Type SwitchThis switch node will take the Ray Type output from the Surface Editor Input node and allow you to specify a different material depending on the type of ray encountered.
  • SwitchThe Switch node simply switches between two materials based on an Integer input. Often, it will be used to surface things differently depending on what side is showing to the camera. Note that this functionality cannot be applied to primitive objects, only polygonal.
  • Combine MaterialsNodes to combine materials in different ways
  • Layer Materials