Surface Search

Surface Search

Searching in the Surface Editor is based on the following string:


This means that you can search for objects and get their surfaces, or search for surfaces or materials or even shading methods by preceding them with:

  • / - for surface names
  • @ - for materials
  • # - for Shading models

Regex example 1

To get more control over your searches, you can use Regular Expressions. The last search in the example above reads:


which translates to

RegEx: find all objects starting with "mar" with surfaces starting with anything but having "lor" in them

resulting in only the Marble-GlassTwist object being found with the GlassColor1-4 surfaces.

Regex Example 2

In the same scene, we want to only select surfaces on objects that have swirl in their object name, but just surfaces ending in the letter s. We can do this thanks to regex with re:+swirl.+/.+s@.

I was going to write swirl but decided just to put the wildcard in again.

The Surface Editor regex style is taken from QT. More information and syntax can be found here.