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LightWave menus are customizable. You can add, remove, group, and reorganize commands.Choose Edit > Edit Menu Layout to open the Configure Menus Panel.

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In the (left) Command window, a list of available commands will appear. These will be grouped by type.

In the (right) Menus window, several main sections have sub-items, which are indented to show the hierarchical relationships. Top Group contains the items that are always visible no matter which tab is selected. Main Menu items are the main tabs and related buttons for the main interface toolbar. Left, Middle, and Right Mouse Button Menu (when available) are the menus that appear when the Shift + Ctrl keys are held down along with the corresponding mouse button. There may be other menu sections defined.


If you have a command selected in the left window and click Find, the command, if any, on the right will become selected. Selecting a command in the right window and clicking Find will choose the matching command in the left window.

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Clicking Search allows you to type in a search phrase to find a command. Search is case-sensitive. This will find the first instance when first run, and can be used iteratively to find additional instances by just hitting the button again, as it retains the string until you type in a new one.


// ContentDir: X:/project/_library/assets/LW_Content
// ObjectsDir: X:/project/_library/assets/LW_Content/Objects
// ImagesDir: X:/project/_library/assets/LW_Content/Images


The full list of custom path is as follows:


Customizing the Interface colors for Modeler and Layout is accessed through the Options panels in both applications - the Display tab in Layout and the Display Options Interface tab in Modeler. You will need to restart LightWave to see the changes you have made.


Configuration Files

For Macintosh OS X, the LightWave configuration files are stored in your ~/Library/Application Support/NewTek/2018.0 folder like so:



Described below. 

titleOS X Specifics

For OS X, the procedure is more involved. Here is how to make an launch shortcut icon using AppleScript:

  1. Open the /Applications/Utility/AppleScript application
  2. Choose to create a New Document.
    Enter the following text:
    do shell script "/Applications/NewTek/LightWave_2018/"
    (command line arguments should be added here, before the quote marks)

  3. Save the document as an Application to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click the resulting application icon.

To re-edit the resulting application, drag it to the dock "AppleScript Editor" icon.



When a Windows user has the resolution DPI set greater than 100%, LightWave's window contents expand and will appear blurry sometimes.


Full image saver list reduced by removing plugins (Alias.p, Aura_Exporter.p, BMP.p, CineonFP.p, DPX.p, DRLA.p, IFF.p, PCX.p, PICT.p, RLA.p, SUN.p, TGA.p, VPB.p and YUV.p plugins removed for this example)


The standard LightWave Image Saver list in the Output tab is long, but can be reduced if certain file types are sure not to be needed. The plugins for this list can be found in the following locations, depending on operating system: