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titleOS X Specifics

For OS X, the procedure is more involved. Here is how to make an launch shortcut icon using AppleScript:

  1. Open the /Applications/Utility/AppleScript application
  2. Choose to create a New Document.
    Enter the following text:
    do shell script "/Applications/NewTek/LightWave_2018/"
    (command line arguments should be added here, before the quote marks)

  3. Save the document as an Application to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click the resulting application icon.

To re-edit the resulting application, drag it to the dock "AppleScript Editor" icon.


Lastly, a joke entry for bamboozling co-workers. Enter this as an option and watch your colleague's face as they start LightWave...


When a Windows user has the resolution DPI set greater than 100%, LightWave's window contents expand and will appear blurry sometimes.