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LightWave-specific forums, newsgroups and mailing lists are maintained on the Internet. Here you can find new users asking questions about using LightWave and experts answering them. Also, many topics related to computer animation are discussed in these groups, such as the performance of various graphics cards, CPU speeds, platforms, and many more. NewTek’s own forum can be found at and there are many others out there.

LightWave 3D’s 3D is on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube pages can be found here:.

NewTek Web and FTP Sites

In addition to information about NewTek products, upgrades, and the latest releases of LightWave software, our websites ( and ) have tutorials, LightWave images and animations, technical support FAQs, tech support email links, and links to related sites. NewTek maintains an FTP site () on the Internet. Here you can find objects, scene files, images, and other items of interest to LightWave users.